Hello, and welcome in my little World

Hello, my Name is Randy. I am a 55 year old Swiss-American, living somewhere under Palms
I am a Programmer, I am a Elecronic Engineer and i am a Builder.
I love Woodwork, the Sun, the Rain and the Ocean. I love Life!
Programming: C++, C#, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, JQuery (No CMS! Only Hardcode)
Electronics: I build beautiful Analoge Tubeamps for Audio Enthusiasts, I create Logic Electronics with CMOS
I teach Kids the Digital Life with Arduino
I build Industrial standard Microprocessor Controllers with STM32 and Atmega Processors
I Design Schematic and PCB Boards with DipTrace.
On my Website, soon you will see some of my Work: Audio Amplifiers with Valvetubes,
Custom Industrial Controllers with its affiliated Software,
And maybe some Webprogramming stuff etc....
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